Services & Fees

The Center has a range of fees for commonly requested professional services. Usual and customary fees are grouped within certain categories. Forensic Fees

  1. Records review, clinical interview, report preparation, consultation with other professionals, and research services. These services are billed on a per hour basis at 1/4 hour intervals. Fees range from $400 to $750 per hour depending on which doctor is performing the services.
  2. Sworn testimony: This service is billed on a hourly basis at 1/4 hour intervals. There may be a charge for deposition preparation. There is typically a four hour minimum for court appearances. Fees range from $400 to $750 per hour depending on which clinician is providing testimony.
  3. Psychometric testing, procedure code 96101 Psychometric testing is commonly performed at the Center in conjunction with comprehensive psychiatric examinations. The standard initial battery includes the Shipley Institute of Living Scale, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-II, the Symptom-Checklist-90-Revised, the Beck Depression Inventory and the Rotter Incomplete Sentences. Five hours professional time is charged for test administration, data interpretation and report preparation. Modifications to the standard battery occur as assessment is tailored to the individual examinee. When justified neuropsychological testing is performed in cases that involve such things as closed head injury, toxic exposure or a possible dementia. Neuropsychological testing is a time-intensive process that usually involves an increased professional time component compared to a standard psychometric test battery. Psychometric testing is billed at a rate of $300 per hour. Other professional forensic fees may apply should the case involve extensive report preparation on the part of the examining psychologist and are covered under the forensic fees described in the first item above.
  4. Travel: Should travel be necessary to/from examinations, consultations and sites to testify, typically those services are billed at the same rate as other forensic consultation rates.

Retainer Agreement
A retainer agreement covering professional services may be requested by the Center defining the fees issue in writing with the referral source. Where fee schedules apply, such as the Division of Workers’ Compensation in the State of California, the prevailing fee schedule with appropriate modifiers will typically apply.

Document Preparation Fees
When copies of records are requested they are typically billed at a flat fee of $40. When copies of extensive files are involved then they are billed on a per hour basis at $75 per hour inclusive of all copying costs.